Family is hugely important to me. I’m from a very close-knit family, and we see each other all the time. If we don’t see each other every day then we’re certainly in touch to make sure that we’re all ok, whether that’s via our WhatsApp group or via telephone.

My Grandfather, Martin Vincent McNicholas, is a huge part of my family’s history. He moved to North East England from County Mayo in Ireland, with two of his brothers, Patrick and Thomas. My Grandfather, Vince, as he was known, and Thomas, married Monica, my Grandmother, and Ann, her sister – two brothers married two sisters, which I think is a great story. Sadly, my Grandfather died at age 35, meaning that I never got the chance to meet him. Despite that, his memory and legacy are central to most things that I do.

As I’m approaching his age I’ve been very aware as to my Irish heritage, to my responsibility to carry on my Grandfather’s legacy, and to play my part in the wider Irish community.

This became more apparent due to the Brexit vote in June 2016. I’d contemplated becoming an Irish Citizen for a while, and when it was decided that the UK would be leaving the EU, I realised it was time to follow through on my plans and apply for citizenship, which I received in October 2016.

Since then, I’ve been thinking about how I can use my citizenship to reach out to the wider Irish community both near and far. When the opportunity to plan an Irish Night at a hotel I was working with came along, I jumped at the chance, and it was a huge success. I put everything into planning that event, and I was rewarded with a fantastic night of my own making.

And so Irish Inspired Events Ltd was born. I’m laser focused on everything Irish, and I am aim to honour my heritage and spread the word about Ireland by entertaining people. People love a party, and I think the spirit of the Irish flows through my events with the entertainment that I plan. My Irish Events Package is the very essence of a fantastic Irish event, and although the ppeople who attend my events may or may not know how important every little detail is to me, I have a responsbility to myself, my customers, and my heritage to plan the perfect Irish themed event from start to finish. That is why I give 110% each and every time.