Welcome to My Website!

Hi, I’m Chris, and this is my website all about my Irish journey. I became a Citizen in 2016, and received my first Irish passport in 2017, and I couldn’t be prouder. My Grandfather, Martin Vincent McNicholas, or Vince, as he was known, moved to North East England with his brothers, married my Gran, and the rest is history!

Why I became an Irish Citizen

It’s fair to say that I hopped on the Irish bandwagon as a result of the UK’s vote to the leave the EU. Regardless of how things work out, I wanted to guarantee my right to travel to, work and live in Ireland, as well as Norway, an EEA country which I visit frequently.

Applying for my citizenship took me on a journey of discovery. I never met my Grandfather, he died long before I was born, but in order to become a citizen, I had to learn a lot about him – where he was born, when he was born, when he moved to the UK, and ultimately when he died. I started to feel a very close connection to Ireland as a result of my application, and now I feel very connected to my Irish heritage.

How I became an Irish Citizen

The application process was very simple actually. I filled the form in online and printed it out, which was the easy bit. Finding a witness was a little trickier, but I got there in the end. It took 6-8 months for me to receive my citizenship, which arrived whilst I was in Norway in October 2016.

I finally got round to completing my first passport application earlier this year, and it arrived after 3-4 months in June 2017, and I couldn’t be happier.

How I intend to use my Citizenship for the benefit of Ireland

To be honest, at the moment I don’t really know how I intend to use my Irish citizenship for the benefit of Ireland. As a new citizen who has been given this tremendous opportunity and privilege, I think it is only right that I give something back, whether that be economically, socially or by another means.

For now, on my website, I’m keeping everyone up to date with what’s happening, and I’m also using my graphic design skills to design a range of headers, badges and buttons with an Irish theme that people can use for whatever purpose they want to. You can learn more about my Ireland Squares campaign here, or if you’d like to ask me any questions, you can contact me here.